How To Use This Site

Welcome to the new Platform. This page will provide you information on how to use this Learning Management System.

Video Walk-through

Text Walk-through

The first thing you saw when you got here was the Welcome page. You will want to bookmark or otherwise save the URL to this page: so you can easily get back here. Welcome Page

Sign In

The next thing you want to do is to sign in. If you aren’t signed in, you’ll see a link to do so on the top right hand side of the website. If you are on mobile, click the three lines and the navigation will expand, showing the Sign in link.

Click Sign In and Fill out Your Login Details

Once on the Sign In page, input your login details. You should have received them in an email. If you didn’t, please click Lost your password and fill out a password reset form. If that still doesn’t work, please contact us.


Next, you’ll be brought to the Dashboard. The Dashboard is the main hub for everything you will do on this site. It provides you quick links to courses, achievements, certificates, notifications and more.

If you want to change your login details, including your password, click Edit Account and you will be brought to your profile where you can update information. Don’t forget to click Save once you’ve completed your changes.

Participating in a Course

If you click on a Course and then a lesson, you’ll be brought to the single lesson where you’ll see some text, a button to launch full screen mode and then the lesson embedded below. You can complete the lesson in full screen mode or just on the page. Full screen mode is especially helpful for mobile devices.

The course viewer has very few controls. You can navigate through the lesson using the Previous and Next arrows, you can start or pause the lesson by clicking the appropriate button. You can adjust the volume by clicking the volume button and sliding the volume higher or lower.

You can also see how many slides there are and what notes a slide has by clicking the three horizontal lines in the top left hand side.

Once you’ve completed the lesson content, you will have the option to click Mark Complete. Please click this button to complete a lesson and move on to the next.

Further Support

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.