1MT.1006 – Brown Belt

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9 thoughts on “1MT.1006 – Brown Belt”

  1. zainabrufai83 says:

    I like the upgrading 1millionteachers has done to this new platform.There has been so many improvements and corrections.

  2. chukwunede58 says:

    How can I continue my courses?

  3. chukwunede58 says:

    What do you by not having any section.How can I do the course?

  4. HABIMANA Eric says:

    How can i do this course without any section


    This belt doesn’t have any content. Please help us look into it urgently

  6. eshiet edoho says:

    what do you mean by i must register before doing this course.please look into it sir.thanks

  7. Ernest Nsekanabanga says:

    I always achieve belts but miss certificates. Anybody with same problem?What is wrong with it? I’ve got only white belt certificate others I don’t see them. Any explanation, please. Now I’ve completed brown belt.


    Am facing the same problem only 3 certification

    1. Arinze Ejiofor says:

      Thanks for letting us know, but i have rectified the issue and now you are good to continue.

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